Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring to my sleep study?
Please bring insurance cards, a picture ID, list of ALL medications, and an overnight bag containing pajamas, a toothbrush and any other toiletries you normally use before bed, and a change of clothes for the morning when you leave the facility.
What should I NOT bring to my sleep study?
We try to accommodate our patients and their needs, but there are some things that strongly prefer our patients to leave at home. This includes pets and electronics other than cellular devices (e.g. laptops and tablets). If you require specific accommodations, please notify our sleep technicians PRIOR to your scheduled sleep study.
How long should I plan on staying at the facility?
You should arrive by 8PM, and plan on leaving the facility at 6AM.
Can a friend or family member stay with me at the facility?
We understand that some of our patients may require assistance, may have young children, or have guests that live far away, so we have a guest room for these type of situations. However, your guest absolutely CANNOT, under any circumstance, sleep inside the study room with you. In order to sustain the integrity of your sleep study, the only person that needs to be in the room is YOU.
Does My Insurance Cover Sleep Studies and Treatment?
Yes! West Virginia Sleep Centers currently accepts Medicare, Medicaid, BC/BS, Coventry, Cigna, PEIA